Q: How do I revert back to the original image if I'm not satisfied with the new one?

A: Within 5 days of completing the task, you can easily revert to the original image by following these simple steps in the "Image Comparison Mode":

  1. Go to the task details page for processing images, then click on "Image Comparison Mode."

  2. Find the photo you want to revert, then click "Revert." The system will automatically replace the image with the original version. After the replacement is complete, you can refresh the product details page to view the images. Please note that there may be a delay of approximately 10 seconds for the new images to appear in your browser.

Please be aware that images are only stored on the transfer server for 5 days, so make sure to complete the process within this timeframe. After 5 days, the images will be deleted automatically.

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