Q: If I didn't choose direct replacement, how can I use the new image to replace the original?

A: After processing your photos with ImgCraft: AI Sharp & Resize, if you chose not to replace them immediately but prefer to inspect and confirm the images before replacement, you can do so by accessing the "Repair Log Details" page in the image processing section. Here, you can utilize the "Image Comparison Mode" feature for replacement.

Upon entering "Image Comparison Mode," you'll see the following layout. The left section displays thumbnail previews, while the right section showcases images. The left image represents the original, while the right one shows the AI-processed new image. Once you've confirmed your selection, click the "Replace" button below to request the replacement of the package images from the original to the new version. After the replacement is completed, you can refresh the product details page to view the updated images. Please note that there may be a delay of approximately 10 seconds for the new images to appear in your browser.

Please be aware that images are only stored on the transfer server for 5 days. Therefore, you must complete the replacement process within this timeframe. After 5 days, the images will be automatically deleted.

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