Repairing Banner Images with ImgCraft: AI Sharp & Resize


Welcome to the large image repair feature of the Shopify app ImgCraft: AI Sharp & Resize. This document will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use this feature.

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Large Image Repair

Click on the "Large Image Repair" menu to enter the large image repair page.

The top section supports simple conditional search to assist you in finding banner images. Once you confirm the banner images you want to repair, click the "Repair" button next to the image.

Confirmation Dialog for Optimization

After clicking "Repair," a confirmation dialog will appear.

Here's an explanation of each parameter:



Thumbnail of the selected image; click to enlarge for viewing


Description for this repair, for easy reference

Zoom Factor

There are two types in total: proportional resolution adjustment and specifying width and height resolution.


Current balance


Cost of this task

All parameters can be kept at their default values.

After confirming, click the "Submit" button. If the submission is successful, a success dialog will appear, allowing you to choose to view the task details page directly or stay on the current page.

Clicking "View" will take you to the task details page. If the task is in progress, the page will refresh every 10 seconds until completion.

After the task is completed, remember to download the successfully repaired images, as images are only stored on the transit server for 5 days.

Difference After Repair Completion

When you revisit the "Large Image Repair" page, you will notice some new icons in front of the images:


Red Exclamation

This image has been added to the repair queue and may have been successfully repaired

If you close the task details page and wish to re-enter, you can do so through the "Repair Log" menu, where you can see all image tasks and re-enter the task details page.

Congratulations! You have completed optimizing your banner images.

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